Thu, May 28 | Webinar

Virtual Member Coffee + Discussion Group

Topic: Conspiracy Theories - This event is free and open to WACM members only. RSVP required.
Registration is now FULL. Please join us next month!
Virtual Member Coffee + Discussion Group

Time & Location

May 28, 2020, 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

About The Event

This event is free and open to WACM members. RSVP required; we keep the group to 12 video participants or fewer.

Please RSVP via this event page. If you find an article relevant to the discussion, we encourage you to email it to for distribution to the group.   

Recommended readings:

  1. "Conspiracy Theorists, Far-Right Extremists Around the World Seize on the Pandemic," Politico:
  2. "Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant When People Feel Helpless. Like Now." Washington Post,
  3. "Why is Billionaire George Soros a Bogeyman for the Far Right?" BBC,
  4. “Science in the Courtroom,” Issues in Science and Technology,


  1. How to Fight the Bad Logic of the Internet Wired Magazine Dec 15, 2016 (2:40) 
  2. How the Internet Tricks You Into Thinking You're Always Right Wired Magazine Jun 29, 2017 (2:08)
  3. Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists Wired Magazine Jun 17, 2017 (4:11)
  4. Suspicious Minds : Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories | CFI Rob Brotherton (27:24 )
  5. How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist (7:48)

***Please note that readings and video recommendations are not required for participation. Some members enjoy reading all suggested articles, while others prefer to only read one or two. 

The WACM Coffee and Discussion Group is an informal monthly gathering to chat about global topics of current interest in a small group setting. No quizzes, no competitions of knowledge - participate or just listen! This event is designed to engage everyone from the world affairs expert to the foreign affairs greenhorn.

Registration is now FULL. Please join us next month!

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